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Project of National Significance

During the years 1993-2001 the federal authorities and the federal country of Lower Saxony have subsidised the large nature conservation project "Krähenbeer-Küstenheiden" with a total approximate value of €4 million. This means that the coastal heaths Krähenbeer-Küstenheiden have the status of an area of national significance. The city of Cuxhaven was the project sponsor.

Geestkliff Bildrechte: Stadt Cuxhaven
View from the upland cliff, covered in heath, to the Wadden Sea

Within the framework of this project of national significance over 100 hectares of land in the core areas were purchased using project funds. This land was developed for species and habitat protection. On approximately 40 hectares of heathland, improvements were carried out, which included removal of wood and shrubs and sod cutting in small areas of heathland rich in surface humus. Approximately 25 hectares of fields and grassland were returned to their original dystrophic state through mowing, grazing or tillage without adding fertilisers. This nutrient removal is the prerequisite for redeveloping heath on previously agriculturally used land.

A different concept was developed for pine forest stands. Here approximately 20 hectares of woodland were thinned out, followed by the removal of shrubs, so that heather could take hold and grow. In addition, neophytes like the black cherry tree and the dog rose were removed, and measures were put in place to guide visitors.

Although the LIFE project area was part of the area of national significance, there were few possibilities to carry out activities within the framework of the project of national significance, due to the usage of the area as a military training ground. Carrying out new conservation activities is now the goal and task of the LIFE Nature project "Cuxhavener Küstenheiden".

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