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In April the sky larks rise into the air singing,
in July the heath wears a purple cloak,
in October the morning sun is reflected thousandfold in a sea of dew drops and
in January the hare leaves its footprints in the freshly fallen snow.
In times like this attentive observers of nature delight in their environment.

In the coastal heath area Cuxhavener Küstenheiden new things can be discovered in any season, whether the eye scans the wide open landscape or takes pleasure in the little miracles by the wayside.

Leithengst Bildrechte: NLWKN
Lead stallion "Trisignatus"

The coastal heaths are unique in Germany for their size and form and present a most attractive landscape for recreation. The perennial grazing of a large mixed herd of aurochs (Heck cattle) and wild horses (koniks) is an additional attraction that is presented in few other places.

Therefore there exists a unique opportunity to experience nature, not only in the areas of Cuxhavener Küstenheiden, which are situated outside of the former military training ground (Duhner Heide, Sahlenburger Heide, etc.), but also in Altenwalder Heide (LIFE project area).

Infotafel Bildrechte: NLWKN
Similar information panels will be set up shortly in the LIFE project area.

The planned creation of a viewing platform and a nature trail as well as the introduction of 20 information panels are an important focal point within the LIFE project.

These elements help to experience the beauty and the particular charm of the coastal heath areas without disturbing the fauna or flora.

Beschilderung Bildrechte: NLWKN
Signs for horse riders and hikers in the Cuxhavener Küstenheiden
Life Bildrechte: NLWKN


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