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Project advisory board

In January 2013, a project advisory board was established for the purpose of conducting an organised dialogue with the most important interest and user groups, stakeholders, local authorities, etc. The constituent meeting of the “Hannoversche Moorgeest” project advisory board took place at the Moor Information Centre (MoorIZ) in Resse on 31 January 2013.

Such a body to provide support for the “Hannoversche Moorgeest” project is rooted in tradition. A project committee consisting of five members had already been established for the preceding large-scale nature conservation project. This tried and tested structure has been retained for the planning and implementation phase of the LIFE+ Project and augmented personnel-wise.

The present 11-member project advisory board will accompany the EU project throughout its overall eleven-year duration. This practitioner forum will ensure that the interests of all relevant user groups in the project environment are taken into consideration. For this purpose the advisory board, the NLWKN, which is in charge of and implementing the project, and the Hanover Region communal organisation as project partner will maintain close contact.

The primary objective of the cooperation is, where possible, to harmonise nature conservation and user interests, discuss problems and questions together, and work out solution proposals by mutual agreement. The project manager(s) will continuously inform the project advisory board on all important questions within the scope of the project’s implementation. The project advisory board’s work will enhance the project’s prospects of success and help to avoid any upcoming resistance and open confrontations, if necessary. The members of the project advisory board will also serve as multipliers within the groups and agencies they represent.

The following interest groups and persons are currently represented on the advisory board:

  • Woodland and forestry (Mr. Hagemann, Mr. Rase)
  • Agriculture (Mr. Lindemann, Mr. Hasberg)
  • Nature conservation (Dr. Löhmer, Mr. Uphues)
  • Water management (Mr. Nädler)
  • Hunting (Mr. Hein, Mr. W. Müller)
  • Interests of the local population (Mr. K.-H. Müller)
  • Local authorities and tourism (Mr. Bartels).

2. Sitzung des Projektbeirates am 30.05.2013   Bildrechte: J. Fahning
2. meeting of the project advisory board on 30.05.2013 (picture taken by J. Fahning)


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