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Information in the project area

Signposts in the LIFE Project area
Identical small-format signposts provide information on-site about the funding of the LIFE+ Project as well as important project data (e.g. point of contact, project duration). They are affixed primarily to the posts of nature reserve signs located at the outer perimeters of the project area.

Information boards in the project area
Larger information boards in various layouts, easily accessible from paths, provide information on the project. Passers-by will thus tend to come into contact with the project incidentally, while already well-informed visitors who want more information will also visit the bogs. The following examples indicate the possible spectrum of topics that can be taken up:
  • Where does the peat in the bogs come from – no moss, no peat
  • How the bog protects our climate
  • Dying trees seen from a different angle - why the woodland is dying and why it should be like this
  • Crane nursery
  • Excavators on the bog: how they help to retain the rain water

Information stand at the Moor Information Centre (MoorIZ)
In the autumn of 2011 a Moor Information Centre (MoorIZ) was built and opened in the village of Resse near the project area, funded from the Second Economic Recovery Plan of the Federal Republic of Germany and co-financed by the Hanover Region communal organisation.

Das MoorIZ in Resse  
Moor Information Centre (MoorIZ) in Resse (Source: MoorIZ)
It is operated by the local authorities, who, for their part, have reached an agreement with the “Bürger für Resse” (Citizens for Resse) association in order to keep things running. The Moor Information Centre will attract day trippers living in the area, holidaymakers, chance visitors, as well as individuals who have a professional interest.
Herr Müller + Ausstellung  
Mr. Müller (extreme right) from the “Bürger für Resse” (Citizens for Resse) association presents the Moor Information Centre and its permanent exhibition to those involved in the project. (picture taken by J. Fahning)

It offers the opportunity and framework to present the project in a very compact manner, yet can also be used for meetings of the project advisory board and for public eventsin connection with project-related public relations work, for instance.

Besides containing a permanent exhibition, the Moor Information Centre will also be the starting point for guided tours of the bogs. The exhibition concept for the information stand includes a short description of the nature conservation project. As the LIFE+ Project begins, those involved in the project will install a project presentation which, among other things, will address the objectives, measures and time frame. The information stand will be constantly adapted in parallel with the progress the project makes. Once the project has been completed, the monitoring results will be presented at the Moor Information Centre.



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