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“Hannoversche Moorgeest” LIFE+ Project

The four raised bogs in the “Hannoversche Moorgeest” are a natural heritage that is unique in Lower Saxony. They lie in the Hanover region, spanning the community of Wedemark and the towns of Neustadt, Langenhagen and Garbsen.

Das Projektgebiet  
Project area (source: NLWKN)

Helstorfer Moor, Bissendorfer Moor, Otternhagener Moor and Schwarzes Moor rank among Lower Saxony’s best-preserved raised bogs landscapes and bear the European distinction of “Natura 2000” sites. Much needs to be done, nevertheless, because many years of drainage have adversely affected these bogs’ hydrologic balance.

A LIFE+ Project funded by the European Union is now making it possible to re-wet these moor landscapes and thus secure and develop important habitats for generations to come. The project is also making a substantial contribution to climate protection.

Blick in das Otternhagener Moor (Foto: C. Stahl)  
A view of Otternhagener Moor (picture taken by C. Stahl)

The state of Lower Saxony, in cooperation with the Hanover Region communal organisation, will be implementing diverse measures from 2012 to 2023 aimed at revitalising the moors.

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The LIFE+ Project

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Brosch, Susanne


Susanne Brosch

Nds. Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz
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