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„Large Herbivores for Maintenance and Conservation of Coastal Heaths“

The coastal heath area Cuxhavener Küstenheiden is a natural heritage that is unique on the German mainland and was given "Natura 2000" status. One of its features is a special type of forest, known as "Krattwald", which was developed through the regular cutting of the trees just above the roots to allow the growth of new shoots. The wide open countryside just a few kilometres inland from the North Sea cliff has now reached a turning point, since the area between the villages of Altenwalde and Berensch was used as a military training ground until 2003 and maintained its heathland character. It is now planned that wisents, wild horses and aurochs prevent the heath from turning into shrubland.
Heckrinder Bildrechte: NLWKN
Heck cattle
Koniks Bildrechte: NLWKN
Konik horses

The english title of this exciting project is "Large Herbivores for Maintenance and Conservation of Coastal Heaths". The grazing animals will free heath habitats and lean turf permanently, cost efficiently and naturally from unwanted immigrants like the black cherry tree.

Hiking and riding trails, information panels, a nature trail and a viewing platform make the coastal heathland an unforgettable nature experience.

Luftbild Bildrechte: NLWKN
Aerial photograph of the project area
Logos Bildrechte: Europäische Union

Here you can get further informations about the project

  Information leaflet
(PDF, 2,28 MB)

  Short report (layman's report)
(PDF, 2,17 MB)

Weiterführende Informationen zum LIFE-Natur Projekt "Cuxhavener Küstenheiden":


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