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A brief description of the Dümmer lake lowland area

Greenland white-fronted geese arriving at lowland area Bildrechte: Dieter Tornow
Greenland white-fronted geese arriving at lowland area

The wetlands of the Dümmer lowland area are of international significance for nature conservation. The diverse natural and near-natural habitats hold a large number of bird species (reed, wading, water and meadow birds), which breed, rest or winter here.

Various developments have greatly endangered these bird's paradise in the past. The dyking of the Dümmer lake in 1953 has led to the drainage of the wetlands and the intensification of agricultural activity.

Together with the cutting of peat in the adjacent bogs, this has caused the water to be heavily polluted with nutrients.

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Information materials about the LIFE-project

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Informationsmaterialien über die LIFE Projekte

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