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Fencing and converting agricultural land to pastures

Fence construction workers in summer 2003 Bildrechte: Heinrich Belting
Fence construction workers in summer 2003


New fences in a large scale were provided in the project area. This makes sure, that an appropriate long-term maintenance of wet grassland will be guaranteed with the help of cattle grazing. These new fences will assure an extensive use of pastures in the fens.

But first of all derelict fences and sheds had to be demolished.

Derelicht fendes and sheds were demolished Bildrechte: Heinrich Belting
Derelict fences and sheds were demolished

The newly fenced pastures got a larger and coherent layout to facilitate the efficient use of wet grassland. A total of 150 km derelict fences were demolished between 2002 and 2006, 100 km of new fences were built, some of them were financed by other projects. 82 km of those fence demolition and 45 km of new fences were financed by the LIFE-project.

Construction of fences in summer 2004. Bildrechte: Oliver Lange
Construction of fences in summer 2004. The oak posts are pushed into the ground with a digger which makes the fence quite strong.

New pastures

50 hectares of former agricultural land were converted to pastures in summer 2003. Six more hectares could be converted until summer 2006. With the assistance of the university of Göttingen a "special seed mixture" was developed and sown at the new pastures.

The selected cultivars mature late in season, which makes them very suitable for the required late mowing dates. This seed mixtures established very well and their agricultural use is quite good. It is expected, that wet grassland will develop a species-rich variety during the years to come.

LIFE-Logo Bildrechte: Grafik: Oliver Lange
Information materials about the LIFE-project

Please download the flyer or the brochure as pdf-file:

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  Flyer about the LIFE-projects (size: 850 KB)
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  Brochure about the LIFE-projects (size: 1,7 MB)
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Informationsmaterialien über die LIFE Projekte

Hier können Sie das Faltblatt und die Broschüre im pdf-Format herunterladen:

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  Faltblatt über das LIFE-Projekt (Dateigröße: 850 KB)
(PDF, 0,84 MB)

  Broschüre (12-seitig) über die LIFE-Projekte (Dateigröße: 1,4 MB)
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