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Land purchase

Transfer of property bought within the LIFE Project   Bildrechte: NLWKN
Transfer of property bought within the LIFE Project

To reach the project's aims private property had to be purchased in a large scale. Otherwise the restoration of wetlands could not have been completed successfully.

The supply with sufficient property was realized during four different land consolidation projects, which had already been started earlier than the LIFE-project.

The exchange of private property outside the project area and public property inside the rewetting area was realized. The amalgamation of 2500 ha of public property areas had been completed in November 2005.

A total of 175 ha of property was purchased within the LIFE-project. The consolidation of the areas was a prerequisite for their extensive rewetting.

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Information materials about the LIFE-project

Please download the flyer or the brochure as pdf-file:

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  Flyer about the LIFE-projects (size: 850 KB)
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  Brochure about the LIFE-projects (size: 1,7 MB)
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Informationsmaterialien über die LIFE Projekte

Hier können Sie das Faltblatt und die Broschüre im pdf-Format herunterladen:

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  Faltblatt über das LIFE-Projekt (Dateigröße: 850 KB)
(PDF, 0,84 MB)

  Broschüre (12-seitig) über die LIFE-Projekte (Dateigröße: 1,4 MB)
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