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Radiation protection: Focus on protection from radiation

The NLWKN in Hildesheim is the radiation protection competence centre of the Lower Saxony Ministries of the Environment and Social Affairs. It is a pool for expert advice and measuring equipment. Under a single roof it brings together the radiological crisis centre, the environmental radiation monitoring system, the radiological laboratory, and the expert unit for radiation protection and non-ionising radiation.

The radiation crisis centre has to ensure a constantly updated overall picture not only of the operation of nuclear facilities, but also of the large-scale situation regarding radioactivity in the environment.

Through its remote monitoring system for nuclear reactors, the NLWKN ensures continuous monitoring – independently of the operators – of radioactive substances emitted in the flue gas and wastewater of all nuclear power plants in Lower Saxony.

Not only emissions, but also inputs by nuclear facilities are monitored by the agency’s own measurements in the immediate vicinity and throughout Lower Saxony. To ensure this, the NLWKN has an accredited radiological laboratory. A task force is always ready to perform rapid measurements and give speedy advice.

People are constantly exposed to radiation of some sort. But to assess whether or not a particular radiation poses a threat to human beings and their environment, we have to rely on measurements. These measurements and the necessary expert assessment can be provided for the entire spectrum of radiation types by the qualified staff of the NLWKN. This covers measurements and advice for immission control and occupational safety, and also for product safety. For example, the NLWKN is the place people turn to in such matters as the construction of mobile phone base stations or finds of radioactive substances. With its transparent measurements and competent advice, the NLWKN provides a foundation for the safe use of radiation in Lower Saxony.

Measuring ionising radiation of soil sample at De-Haen-Platz in Hanover
Control room of NLWKN radiological crisis centre in Hildesheim


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