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Biological diversity: Treasures on our doorstep!

Conserving biological diversity is the central task of nature conservation in Lower Saxony. Biological diversity includes plant and animal species, ecological communities, habitats and landscapes, and also genetic diversity within the individual species. The NLWKN has a state-wide overview of the occurrence and distribution of species and habitats. It analyses the reasons for their decline and endangerment and draws up proposals for measures to conserve biological diversity.

One key area of the work lies in the field of the European system of protected areas (Natura 2000), which are made up of the Habitats Directive areas and the Birds Directive areas. The NLWKN cooperates successfully with local authorities, neighbouring sectoral authorities, local businesses and dedicated members of the public. The focus is always on the special importance of typical occurrences of animals, plants and habitats.

The NLWKN devises campaigns and activities to raise people’s awareness of the "treasures on our doorstep”.

The technical concepts and programmes drawn up by the sectoral authority for nature conservation are an important basis for the selection of suitable projects and measures aimed at conserving biological diversity. Examples include the peatlands protection programme, the flowing waters programme or special concepts for the protection of highly endangered plant and animal species.

Newly hatched dragonfly
Fruiting cotton grass


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