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Nature conservation: Working for nature in Lower Saxony

The NLWKN is the sectoral authority for nature conservation in the Land of Lower Saxony. The NLWKN records and evaluates nature conservation data, provides information and advice and is the competent contact for administrative authorities, associations and private individuals when it comes to implementing measures in nature and landscape.

Securing European Union grants for Lower Saxony by means of tailor-made assistance programmes – that’s another task of NLWKN. The agency creates technical foundations, sets priorities from a Land point of view, advises project executing agencies on their applications and assists them with implementation.

One key area is cooperation with farmers. An example here is the permanent pasture so characteristic of Lower Saxony.

The NLWKN helps to raise general awareness of places of natural beauty and opportunities for observing nature. Its programme "Experiencing nature” promotes opportunities for experiencing nature and hence acceptance of nature conservation.

Through expert contributions, the NLWKN supplies other authorities and planning agencies with important nature conservation data, provides advice on difficult assessment issues, and shows ways to implement projects in a nature-friendly way. Particularly in complex approval procedures such as those for highway construction projects, port projects and industrial installations, the competent expert advice from NLWKN creates planning and legal certainty for the applicants.

Black-tailed godwits
Renaturing of Bagbander Tief in East Frisia


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