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Pollution incident control: The fight against oil pollution

Oil spills on the Elbe, Weser, Ems and in coastal waters – the NLWKN is responsible for dealing with pollution incidents along the coast and in tidal waters.

Dedicated and competent staff for pollution incident control – people the NLWKN can rely on. Backed up by modern equipment: This means the oil spill vessels "Janssand” and "Leyhörn” (based at Norddeich) and the "Thor” (Wilhelmshaven) and "ÖSK1” (Brake), and also special vehicles for access to beaches and the sensitive tidal flats of the Wadden Sea. The list is rounded off by tidal flat sleds, oil booms and emergency power generators.

Some of these items are owned by the "Marine pollution control partnership between the German government and the coastal Länder”, but the NLWKN maintains them and uses them in emergencies. The NLWKN also cooperates closely with the shipping accident command in Cuxhaven.

Multi-purpose vessel Leyhörn on oil control mission
Dead and oil-fouled birds after an oil spill


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