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State-owned facilities: Services for Lower Saxony

Master of twelve barrages, eight flood retention basins or reservoirs, 17 raising and pumping stations, 36 sluices, 122 weirs and more than 100 bridges: The NLWKN operates important water management facilities itself and thereby provides a service for industry, and also for the general public.

Protection from storm surges and floods – that’s what the NLWKN ensures by operating and maintaining twelve barrages along the coast and on the Ems, Weser and Lower Elbe.

And the NLWKN also provides a service on inland waterways. Here the NLWKN ensures that a growing number of leisure boat enthusiasts can enjoy a trouble-free passage along the idyllic waterways, and the canals perform important functions in the drainage of the land they pass through.

Dykes and embankments need maintenance
Ems barrage near Gandersum


Nds. Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz
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