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Flood control: Competent partner for dyke associations

"It is better to build dykes than to hope that the floods will learn to exercise restraint.” This statement by German radio play author, lyricist and satirist Hans Kasper put it in a nutshell: Flood control is an ongoing task, and in Lower Saxony the NLWKN plays a major role in its implementation.

The NLWKN is considered a competent partner when it comes to implementing flood control projects for the dyke associations. Be it the Ems, Elbe, Aller or Weser – the NLWKN plans and builds flood control facilities such as dykes, reservoirs and retention basins. This is a service that benefits not only the dyke associations and their members, but also – ultimately – the entire region in question. Flood control is financed jointly by the German government, the Land of Lower Saxony and the European Union.

Technical flood control has reached a high standard in Lower Saxony, but preventive flood control is just as important. The NLWKN therefore draws up flood control plans for rivers or river sections that are subject to particular flood hazards. The goal: The NLWKN seeks to minimise the risks associated with the kind of flood that statistically occurs once in a hundred years. This also includes the designation of flood areas. The NLWKN has the task of determining the limits of the flood areas; after that it is the turn of the rural districts, independent towns and the Hanover region: they are responsible for official designation of the flood areas.

Salzderhelden polder on the Leine, near Einbeck
High water on the Vechte in Schüttdorf


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